Many Not Surprised by Norfolk’s Poor Report Card

The sweeping shortcomings and numerous recommendations in a recent review of the city’s middle schools should have been obvious to the division long ago, several school advocates said.

The report by the Council of the Great City Schools listed flaws such as dumping weak teachers into middle schools, and compressing two years of middle school math into one year so the division could skip a more difficult Standards of Learning exam. The test-skipping was seen as a way to improve the division’s state accreditation results.

The division’s administration and board got the report this

said Councilman Andy Protogyrou, who read about it in the newspaper. “Putting in middle schools teachers who may not be up to snuff, skipping one test to take another and damaging the children in their academic potential,” he explained. “Hopefully the new administration has seen that and is working on it.”

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