Wardrobe Can Be a Factor in Verdict

Norfolk defense attorney Andy Protogyrou’s first look at his client wasn’t pretty. The man’s head was shaved clean as a bullet, and his Fu Manchu mustache dangled well past his chin. He wore standard-issue, motorcycle gang leather. Lots of it.

“The jury’s going to convict you just because of the way you look,” Protogyrou told his client.

The middle-aged man

and neck tie ensemble replaced his leather. He looked, Protogyrou, said recently, “like a 50-year-old banker.”

The client walked away from the federal trial with just misdemeanor convictions, he said.

These days, courtrooms have joined reality television shows as real-life examples of extreme makeovers. The wrong appearance, many lawyers say, can prejudice a jury or potential jurors.

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