Councilman Requests Video From Police-Involved Shooting

Norfolk City Councilman and Attorney Andrew A. Protogyrou is asking for the release of the video detailing the shooting death of a Joshua “Omar” Johnson by local police in May.

The Norfolk Commonwealth”s Attorney announced September 6 that the deadly force used in the officer-involved shooting of Johnson was justified. Johnson’s family remains critical of the officer”s actions during the incident and made it known days after the announcement they would appeal the decision.

Johnson was shot and killed in what the Commonwealth”s Attorney calls an act of protection by a Norfolk Police Officer.

Officers were called to the Wells Fargo bank on Colonial Avenue in Ghent May 20 when a bank teller reported Johnson and his girlfriend trying to cash a bad check. When the officers approached Johnson”s vehicle in the bank”s drive thru lane, police say Johnson used his vehicle as a weapon against a Norfolk Police Officer. That”s when a fellow officer shot eleven rounds into the vehicle, killing Johnson at the scene.

Michael Muhammad, community activist and family spokesman, wants the video released showing the shooting from police dash cameras, cell phone cameras, and surveillance cameras from the bank and nearby businesses. “If you”re not prosecuting, then go ahead [and release the video] and the information that”s there pursuant to the law. [It] should be released through the Freedom of Information Act,” Muhammad told local reporters. “If I had video, that would clear me and that would put all rumor and innuendo to bed. I would definitely rush that out to the media. There”s no reason to hold it.”