Defending hundreds of millions of dollars annually of self-insured corporations and national automobile, property and casualty insurance companies.

For decades, clients have counted on our attorneys for superb representation in insurance defense matters. We work on the full range of matters, from product liability to automobile accident and premises liability cases, and we defend claims of all sizes. Our strategic thinking, a keen understanding of the details, and seamless protection of the rights and interest of the insured’s have captured accolades.

Regarded as leading thinkers and practitioners in the arena, our attorneys teach seminars to other lawyers and to claims adjusters throughout Virginia and have set legal precedence in matters in the Virginia Supreme Court.  We bring you the utmost commitment to client service; we understand how important it is to keep you constantly informed and to respond immediately when you contact us for information and answers.

Our insurance attorneys travel the entire state of Virginia. They can often be found trying cases in Roanoke, taking depositions and Alexandria, or visiting an accident scene in Richmond.