Mr. Zaleski is one of Hampton Roads’ most experienced criminal defense attorneys.  Having practiced for over 40 years, he finds himself in court almost every day. While in law school, Mr. Zaleski served as a research editor of the William and Mary Law Review.  He is often sought after by attorneys with questions on trial or appellate matters as he is known to be the most knowledgeable on criminal opinions coming from our State and Federal Courts.

Mr. Zaleski is a serious lawyer judges call for cases that no one else will accept or the matters are in need of his expertise. He has been featured in two books and television programs for his defense of high profile cases.

Mr. Zaleski can often be found in the courts of Virginia’s Eastern Shore (Accomack/Northhampton Counties).  His experience allows him to sit in judgement as a hearing officer deciding administrative matters for state and local government.  

Mr. Zaleski has handled hundreds of appellate cases with 38 being reported.

Research Editor, William & Mary Law Review / Hearing Officer, Commonwealth of Virginia, 1988-2010.